Jo Kwon Unleashes Music Video For “Lonely”

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Jo Kwon returns to the music scene under Cube Entertainment.

2AM member, Jo Kwon makes his comeback with Cube Entertainment for the first time since leaving JYP Entertainment. 2AM was originally under Cube Entertainment before moving to Big Hit and then JYP Entertainment but he revealed that moving back to Cube was like moving home.

1theK state,

JO KWON has come back with his digital single album ‘Lonely’ since he transferred to a new company, CUBE Entertainment.

This digital single ‘Lonely’ is a new album in 2 years after his last album ‘Crosswalk’. This album builds up his image as a sappy ballad singer. The story of the song is about missing his lover he used to love looking up the sky in the dawn. The lyrics is kind of sappy and lonesome. You can picture the image like a movie scene. The sweet intro of piano melody and beautiful string sound have impeccably put together in harmony and adding heartbreak. His delicate and sappy vocal’s very impressive.

Check it out below.

Video Credit: 1theK (원더케이)

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