K.A.R.D Are Back With “Don’t Recall”

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K.A.R.D are back with a new music video for their new track.

K.A.R.D recently gained plenty of fans and exposure with their first track, “Oh Nana” which showcased their amazing style, sound and choreography. The 4-member co-ed group was immediately popular due to their catchy track but it was revealed that this was not their debut.

Now, their agency, DSP Media, reveal their song “Don’t Recall” which again, is not their official debut. They aren’t promoting these tracks yet but they are gaining extreme popularity as the 4 members release another catchy tune. While “Oh Nana” was more fun, this track shows a more serious side, but none-the-less, they are looking and sounding fantastic.

Stay tuned for what K.A.R.D members, J.Seph, Jiwoo, Somin and BM have in store for the rest of the year and check out their new music video for “Don’t Recall” below.

Video Credit: K.A.R.D

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